About M.L... 

Since its inception in 1978, when Morris L. Judson bought his first truck, the company has evolved into much more than just trucks. We have developed expertise in excavation, road building, grade work, water and sewer installations, equipment and materials mobilization, start-up phase construction projects, and highway maintenance labour.
"In my experience, I've found that half of business is having the right equipment/tools for the job, the other half is creating an experience that plants the seed for positive long-term business relationships." -Morris Judson


M.L. Judson strives for excellence in all day-to-day operations, and so a lot of focus goes toward our employees. We like to ensure that our customers are getting the best treatment so we are promoting the best experience with all of the services we offer. Without our skilled employees, we know we are at a loss, so we make sure to take due dilligence when looking after our people first

It is recognized that Morris' attention to company matters over the years has had an impact on its success, but as the business has grown, he has come to rely on select staff people who oversee given operations in his absence without failure. We have found that designating added responsibility to choice employees raises their levels of job satisfaction and sense of corporate partnership. No matter the distance between us, we are confident that will always have the right people in place to do the job with our mutual interests at heart. 


It has taken many years but we now have a platform in which elevates our strengths in road maintenance, truck and equipment rentals, low-bedding, and much more. We have developed lasting relationships with companies such as Pioneer Construction, CN Rail, Resolute Forest Products, Norboard, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, The Miller Group, etc. Visit our testomonials page.

We hope that you choose M.L. Judson Trucking Ltd. and that it suits the parameters of your proposed job. Thank you for visiting us at our website. We hope we continue to be your #1 choice, and if not, we think we'll grow on you. Because...

"We Dig Dirty Work"