Trucks & Equipment

Tri-axle and Tandem Dumps

We are highly experienced in highway maintenance and construction. There is no job too dirty or daunting for our trucks. M.L. Judson Trucking has been built on the basic principle that we can make it work. We do whatever it takes to get the job done and do it right by you! We'll haul ashphalt, sand, stone, crushed rock, even mudd! Did your home project turn out to be a bite too big for you to chew? Let us handle the bulky work. Keep your hands clean. We have drivers with 10-20+ years experience. Call today to inquire about hiring the professionals.

5th Wheel Trucks and Trailers

Let's set the scene. Your low bed is down, all of your drivers are hauling wood and you need your skidder moved out of the swamp in a hurry because it's getting too close to melt-down season. Not only can we take care of that for you, we will bring you a hankercheif to wipe the sweat off your brow and tell you to have a good day when the job is done. Our most experienced drivers are those operating our 5th wheel trucks. No matter how tricky or messy the situation, we will send the guy down with the right experience for the task at hand. Our drivers will arrive equipped with all of the emergency tools necessary in a pinch. If there's anyone that knows how Murphy's law works, it's us. Give us an idea about the kind of machine we're moving, the road conditions, whereabouts and a contact number. After that, she's all gravy. 

And of course, we have other trailers! Belly dumps, chip trailers, end dumps, the list goes on. We have experience in all these areas. If needed, we'll float you the machine, drop the trailer and grab and end dump to back haul for ya.

Mini Machines

Maybe you're building your beautiful new home and you need some very small trenches dug for your water and sewer. Or maybe your lot just doesn't give you the room for the bigger riggin. And that addition to your new driveway? No problem, we have a skid steer for that fine work. We'll set you up with a specialized operator to trim things up for you very nicely! We also have a single axle dump truck perfectly fit for small jobs like this. It'll haul out the over burden, and haul in the fancy stuff. We'll make you feel so good about your driveway that you'll want to park on the grass.


Graders and Sanders

Don't let your vehicle suffer on those washboard roads, let us bring it up to grade. One of the staples in our business has been working for Abitibi Consolodated and Resolute Forest Products. We have been the go-to contractor for forestry road maintenance in the Rainy River District for over 10 years. From changing colverts, to building bridges, grading roads, opening up trails in snow blizzards, and even sanding it for your safety, we truly do it all. We can set you up with strictly winter or summer maintenance. You decide how much attention your road needs and we will do our best to accomodate. Call for a one-time sanding application, rent one of our graders, or lets set up a meeting and discuss your budget and maintenance needs.

Excavators and Wheel Loaders

Remember our slogan? "We Dig Dirty Work"?

Well of course we do. Quite literally, in fact. Our excavators and wheel loaders have been used in various applications though. Maybe you have a creative idea that requires the use of a bigger machine? Our excavators have been used with companies like CN Rail for moving large sections of track, digging trenches, and even clean-up after emergency derailments. If theres a big job to do, chances are that we can help you with that.


We like to make sure our machines are in tip-top shape before getting to the job site. We run a strict maintenance program so that we know when work comes knocking on our door, everything is ready and there's no scrambling. Take some of that weight off your shoulders and rent one of our wheel loaders or excavators today.


Call us and ask if there is a specific piece of equipment you are looking for! We might just have it. We have been known to rent out specialized equipment such as sky lifts, water pumps, roll packers, and rock trucks. Don't be afraid to ask. Or if you're shy, try taking a look at our photo page to see what we got!


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