Our Services.

Now just because this is a list of some of our more popular services we offer, doesn't necessarily mean this is all we can do. Always give us a call or email first. We'd love to help you if we can!

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Low-Bedding (Long haul/short haul)


We'll get the proper permits, the right measurements and safely move any piece of equipment you got. We have 3 and 4 axle floats, and also a jeep attachment for special trips. Call us for both long and short haul trips.


Truck Rental


Probably our most popular service in the summer time. Call us about triaxle, tandem or 5th wheel rentals. We can supply belly dumps and end dumps as well. 


Heavy Equipment Rental


This includes graders, roll packers, excavators, rock trucks, rubber tired backhoes, bulldozers and front end wheel loaders. Renting more than one piece? Let's work something out.



Sand Truck Rental


We have a series of sand trucks ready to lay down some traction. Our trucks currently work with Resolute Forest Products and various surrounding townships servicing the Rainy River District. We do private roadways too! Tell us about your slippery issues!


Aggregate Delivery


M.L. Judson Trucking is your one stop business for all of your aggregate delivery needs. Obviously having a team of sand trucks doesn't do you much good without having your own sand. In fact, we screen it ourselves and usually have a generous stock pile ready for delivery at your disposal. Ask us about delivering anything though. If we don't stock it, we can get it!




We have a portable screener that we have used to mix both sand and other specialized granular products. Where there is a demand, we can supply! Let us know what kind of material you are looking for. We'll see what we can do.


Septic Field Installation


We will take charge of the excavating, finding your certified sewage basin and install it. Show us to the job site and put us to work!


Water & Sewer Installation


Show us to the job site and put us to work! We have all the tools and contacts we need to get the job done right by you!


Basement Excavation


We 'dig' those deep basement jobs. Give us the dimensions and put us to work.


Road Building & Maintenance


We pride ourselves in being able to deliver on any road building or maintenance project. Grading, sanding, gravel hauls, bulldozing (construction), packer rental, 5th wheel truck and end dump or belly dump rental combinations. Let us supply you with the manpower and the machines for the job this time.




Got an eye sore you need to go away? Theres nothing more that comes natural to us than breaking stuff (usually by accident). We love demos! Let us do it the safest way. We promise we won't leave you the mess!


Snow Removal


We're used to getting calls to push up snow banks, haul away accumulated snow and plow snow. We'll break the trail for you. Save your back and put that snow shovel to rest.